Eating Disorder Essentials

Eating Disorder Essentials returns in February 2023!

If you are looking to take your knowledge to the next level, our online course is the perfect solution.

Our comprehensive program offers engaging videos and handouts, powerful practitioner tools and an extensive course manual – all available with just a few clicks after you register.

You will be able to complete the entire training at your own pace without needing any time off work, and without incurring travel or accommodation costs.

The Eating Disorder Essentials course is self-paced, and you can access the course for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

A case study must be completed in order to demonstrate your understanding of the course content and in order to receive a certificate of completion. Once marked and returned, you will be invited to register as an ACFEB Approved Practitioner and have your details listed on the ACFEB website. You will receive a certificate of completion for 30 hours of professional development.

Eating Disorder Essentials provides a solid foundation to enable you to successfully recognise and treat a range of eating disorders.
This comprehensive eating disorders course is in line with the latest thinking from a range of psychological approaches. You will learn practical and effective skills that will enable you to engage with clients and offer them constructive help to recover from their eating disorder.


The Eating Disorder Essentials training course is suitable for anyone who is likely to encounter eating disorders in their work. This might include counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, addiction specialists, life coaches, doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, nurses and social workers at all levels of experience and qualification.

You will learn:

  • How to distinguish an eating disorder from disordered eating
  • To understand and motivate people with eating disorders
  • How to assess and conceptualise each disorder
  • How to build a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Prioritising treatment strategies for over and under eaters
  • How to encourage and sustain change
  • The effects of dietary chaos on mood and physiology
  • Micro skills from traditional and newer therapies
  • How to deal with emotional eating and cravings
  • How to manage resistance and relapse
  • Body image, media and historical influences
  • How eating disorders affect men

After the course

Health professionals who complete the Eating Disorder Essentials training course can become an ACFEB Approved Practitioner.
You can choose to be included on our database and receive referrals via our website.

ACFEB Approved Practitioners will be able to use our logo to promote their skills, and they will receive referrals, regular network newsletters and offers.
This course can also be taken in addition to our Anti-Diet Approach for Health Professional to elevate your ACFEB Approved Practitioner status.

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