Larger Bodies

The ACFEB approach is all about feeling better about yourself in the body you live in today! Happiness doesn’t ‘kick in’ at a certain weight!

Many people believe they have to lose weight to be happy and feel good about themselves, and have been caught in a cycle of “yo-yo” dieting that can cause serious risks to our physical and mental health. They reach the stage where they have read countless books, have spent thousands on gym membership, and joined quite a few diet clubs. Yet despite knowing what they ‘should’ be doing, they have found it impossible to lose weight long term. Sound familiar?

ACFEB Approved Practitioners can help you start to think about your current relationship with food and your body in a different way, and they encourage you to eat in a more flexible way that recognises your hunger and satiety. When you understand what influences your food choices, and you explore alternatives, it will be easier for you to feel more in control in making positive decisions for yourself instead of following a restrictive low calorie diet.

Our skilled practitioners will help you build your emotional resources, deal with old hurts, work on your mindset and teach you new ways of feeling in control and enjoying your body again.  ACFED does not encourage you to go on a diet and we have no links with weight loss organisations or exercise programs.

In many ways, we tackle the important issues that are usually ignored in programs you may have tried in the past. We start with a full assessment to help build the personalised treatment plan that is right for you.

It’s all about finding the happiness you deserve, without stressing about the number on the scales.

Assessment and Treatment

  • Gain insight about your eating patterns and food cravings.
  • Strengthen your motivation to make positive changes. We know you might worry about being hungry and deprived of your favourite foods.
  • Nutritional guidance to get you back in touch with your natural appetite, banish cravings and transform your wellbeing.
  • Emotional strengthening to manage feelings like stress, and unhappiness without turning to food.
  • Reducing constant thoughts and worries about food and weight.
  • Managing lapses so that you keep feeling in control.
  • Self worth and body image healing.

Take the next step

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ACFEB Approved Practitioners know why it is so hard to make changes, and how it affects your life.

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