The Faces of ACFED

The Faces of ACFED

This is just a small selection of the men and women that have joined the ACFED family.  We use the word family, because we have a personal connection with each and every person in our ACFED Approved Practitioner network.  We have met each person, and have spent time talking, exchanging knowledge, laughing and learning together.

These health professionals are Psychologists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, or Dietitians.  They have all attended an Australian Centre for Eating Disorders (ACFED) training course, to learn about Eating Disorder Essentials or Psychological Approaches to Obesity.

After attending a course, they were invited to join our network of ACFED approved practitioners.  They now have access to peer support which is only available to past course participants, they are promoted on our website at and through our social media outlets.   They also have referral and networking options with other network members, and some have even set up practices together.

They enjoy this ongoing support free of charge, because at ACFED, we see the value in developing a network of committed and knowledgeable health professionals who are able to make a real difference to people living with eating disorders or obesity.

Last year we welcomed new network members in New Zealand, following our first course in Auckland in November. Health professionals in New Zealand truly embraced Eating Disorder Essentials, and we look forward to returning there this year.

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Quite simply, we love what we do! We hope you will join us soon.

Best Wishes
Kyla Holley & Allison Davidson