The Australian Centre for Eating Behaviour is the leading independent provider of professional development in Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

Comprehensive, evidence based professional development options for clinicians

Motivation and tools to improve your relationship with food and appreciation of your body

Find a trained health professional who can help you recover from an eating disorder or change your relationship with food.

The National Centre for Eating Disorders (UK)

We are a proud affiliate of The National Centre for Eating Disorders (UK)

Body Project

ACFEB are proud implementation partners of the Body Project Collaborative.

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Change your Relationship with Food Podcast

As part of a ‘new corporate strategy’ Weightwatchers in the US, has announced it will be promoting free memberships to teens aged 13 – 17years old. Weightwatchers claim it will “help the development of healthy habits at a critical life stage”. I would argue that......

Another group of brand new ACFED Approved Practitioners complete their Eating Disorder Essentials training in Melbourne this May. We are proud to welcome them to the ACFED family! Our course feedback is important to us so we like to ask each course to provide their......